• Pies

    Our pie casings are home made here in our bakehouse from scratch. We do not use pre-preprepared pie casings that are delivered to the store as many bakeries do!

    Our pies come in many award-winning flavours

    Plain Beef Pie-steak mince and onion in a thick rich brown gravy.

    Mushroom –Fresh mushroom slices on a bed of steak mince gravy

    Cheese Bacon- Shredded Tasty cheese and bacon pieces spread on a bed of steak mince and gravy.

    Tomato Onion- Slices of fresh tomato onion on a bed of steak mince and gravy

    Sweet Beef Curry- Steak mince and gravy base with  curry and to sweeten things up we add sultanas.

    Breakfast- Steak mince and gravy base with mushroom, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion and egg- The perfect breaky mix!

    Egg Bacon- For the customer who wants just egg bacon-no steak mince at all!

    Mexican- Steak mince, gravy, 3 bean mix, cheese chilli.

    Potato- Steak mince gravy base with fluffy mash potato heaped high on top, finished with a dollop of tasty cheese.

    Chunky Steak- chunks of the finest quality steak , cooked to perfection covered in gravy

    Chunky Steak Kidney- Chunks of steak kidney in gravy give this pie its unique flavour.

    a definate favourite with our more mature customers!

    Chunky mixed vegetables- Potato, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, corn, carrot, cheese and garlic

    topped with a slice of tomato and sprinkle of cheese. Vegetarian friendly!

    Minted Pea,Beef Potato- Steak mince gravy with a dollop of sweet minted mushie pea, topped with fluffy mashed potato.

    Sweet Potato, Cauliflower white sauce-Chunks of sweet potato and Cauliflower in creamy white sauce with just a hint of parmessan cheese makes this pie a vegetarians favourite!

    Honey Apricot Lamb- Chunks of the finest lamb slow cooked with a sauce of onion apricots give this pie a sweet taste. Definately one of the favourites!

    Chilli Pork with Plum sauce- 

  • Ambient

    Ambient products are those that are not refrigerated such as Scones, Tea Cakes, French Pastries and Cupcakes.

  • Bread Wall

    Our Bread Wall encompasses products such as Wholemeal, White and Other Breads, Rolls, Wraps and Foccacias.

  • Salad Bar

    Salad bar items include sandwiches, wraps, focaccias and all fresh salads.

  • Coffee

    Tumblegum Bakehouse & Cafe uses Momenti Coffee for its superior flavour, excellent reputation and fantastic training.


    We use the Momenti signature blend; the Euro Classic was designed to create a balance of flavours in the cup when drunk with milk.


    Blend descriptor (how the experts describe it): A rich, heady fragrance with caramel and earth-spiced aromas. This smooth, sweet and structured blend develops into chocolatey and vanilla-vine flavours with the addition of milk. A subtle finish rounds a strong, yet balanced coffee.


  • Fresh Cream

    Fresh Cream Products are items such as matchsticks, turnovers and other decadent items made with fresh-from-the-farm cream. We bet you can’t eat just one!

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