• Pies

    Our pie casings are home made here in our bakehouse from scratch. We do not use pre-preprepared pie casings that are delivered to the store as many bakeries do!

    Our pies come in many award-winning flavours

    Plain Beef Pie-steak mince and onion in a thick rich brown gravy.

    Mushroom –Fresh mushroom slices on a bed of steak mince gravy

    Cheese Bacon- Shredded Tasty cheese and bacon pieces spread on a bed of steak mince and gravy.

    Tomato Onion- Slices of fresh tomato onion on a bed of steak mince and gravy

    Sweet Beef Curry- Steak mince and gravy base with  curry and to sweeten things up we add sultanas.

    Breakfast- Steak mince and gravy base with mushroom, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion and egg- The perfect breaky mix!

    Egg Bacon- For the customer who wants just egg bacon-no steak mince at all!

    Mexican- Steak mince, gravy, 3 bean mix, cheese chilli.

    Potato- Steak mince gravy base with fluffy mash potato heaped high on top, finished with a dollop of tasty cheese.

    Chunky Steak- chunks of the finest quality steak , cooked to perfection covered in gravy

    Chunky Steak Kidney- Chunks of steak kidney in gravy give this pie its unique flavour.

    a definate favourite with our more mature customers!

    Chunky mixed vegetables- Potato, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, corn, carrot, cheese and garlic

    topped with a slice of tomato and sprinkle of cheese. Vegetarian friendly!

    Minted Pea,Beef Potato- Steak mince gravy with a dollop of sweet minted mushie pea, topped with fluffy mashed potato.

    Sweet Potato, Cauliflower white sauce-Chunks of sweet potato and Cauliflower in creamy white sauce with just a hint of parmessan cheese makes this pie a vegetarians favourite!

    Honey Apricot Lamb- Chunks of the finest lamb slow cooked with a sauce of onion apricots give this pie a sweet taste. Definately one of the favourites!

    Chilli Pork with Plum sauce- 

  • Ambient

    Ambient products are those that are not refrigerated such as Scones, Tea Cakes, French Pastries and Cupcakes.

  • Bread Wall

    Our Bread Wall encompasses products such as Wholemeal, White and Other Breads, Rolls, Wraps and Foccacias.

  • Salad Bar

    Salad bar items include sandwiches, wraps, focaccias and all fresh salads.

  • Coffee

    Tumblegum Bakehouse & Cafe uses BLACKWHITE Espresso Coffee by Artisti coffee roasters in Coffs Harbour for its superior flavour, excellent reputation and fantastic training.
    BLACKWHITE Espresso are simple, award winning, no fuss coffee beans that taste amazing!




  • Fresh Cream

    Fresh Cream Products are items such as matchsticks, turnovers and other decadent items made with fresh-from-the-farm cream. We bet you can’t eat just one!